Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company, founded by Colombian born artist, Federico Restrepo in 1985, develops and promotes creative productions of Dance, Theatre, Puppets, Visual Arts, Media, Music and other forms of artistic expression. We aim to be a public association where artistic expression and cultural community meet. The company explores the junction of race, culture, history, and media in New York and throughout the global community.

Loco7’s cultural policies emphasize pluralism, dialogue, and cultural transformation. Loco7 is an organization that has been built on diversity and this is reflected in the history of work. Our audiences reflect our artists: they are multigenerational, multicultural, multiracial, and inclusive of all sexual and gender identities. We pay particular attention to the growing immigrant communities and support their efforts to engage within the community.

Loco7 is a Latinx-run organization that feels it is of the upmost importance to be inclusive and represent the voices of underrepresented people. More then 75% of our staff, board of directors, and artists identify as people of color, female, and/or LGBYT. Loco7 is in Manhattan’s Community Board 3, which is: racially diverse. With our community in mind, Loco7 strives to make art accessible to all. The company is a modest, not-for-profit experimental theatre ensemble that is artist-run and maintains a small office and storage facility in New York City. In addition, the company provides an artistic home and professional foundation for a multi-cultural group of performers, designers and theatre artists who collaborate with Loco7 on a project basis.

Loco7 has premiered many original pieces at La MaMa in New York City, with subsequent tours throughout the world. Most recently Loco7 premiered Lunch with Sonia (2021), Don Quixote Takes New York (2018), Seucy & Boto, epi 2 (2017), Seucy & Boto, epi 4 (2016), Undefined Fraction (2016/2015), Seucy & Boto, epi 1,2,3 (2015), Plunge (2013), Free Falling (2013), Urban Odyssey (2012), In Retrospect (2010), Room To Panic (2008), Open Door (2006), Bokan – the Bad Hearted (2004), 9 Windows (2002), Colores (1998), Aguirre, the Spiral of the Warrior (1996), Cosecha (1990), Loco7 (1989), and two other Gotham fantasies: Locombia (1986), Carrera (1988). In addition Loco7 premiered in Bogotá, Colombia, Piratas de Papel (1994) and Mobile Urbano (1986).

Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company is unique in that it is focused on providing underrepresented, underserved, and emerging artists the opportunity to create and collaborate with Loco7. Loco7 provides an environment of creative freedom for artists to explore, and develop their artistic practice. With our limited budget, we provide the maximum amount of opportunities to our artists to horn their skills and grow within the ensemble.

Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company is a not-for-profit 501c3 corporation.