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Aguirre, Spiral of the Warrior

Amongst the many processes taking place in America from the time of Christopher Columbus to our days, one of the most interesting and perhaps less dealt with is that of the Americanization of the European man and of his way of thinking. The novel “Daimon”, written by Argentinian Abel Posse, which inspired this dance-theater work, deals with this subject through the person, or, more specifically, through the spirit of the most controversial and subversive of the Spaniards who came to America, Lope de Aguirre. Aguirre (1513–1561) called himself a Tyrant, a Traitor, a Pilgrim. From the Amazon jungle, he declared war against Philip the Second of Spain, and founded the Marañon Empire. Apparently he only believed in power, in war, in delirium. He eliminated his superiors and almost all of his followers, including women and friars. He killed his own fifteen-year-old daughter to alleviate her from the pains of life. His ambition was to consolidate his empire, take over Perú, subdue Spain, and rule the world.



Bogotá, Colombia, La Casa del Teatro Nacional.
Barranquilla, Colombia Participated in the International Contemporary Dance Festival.
Bogotá, Colombia, Theater District Festival.
Bogotá, Colombia, Teatro Nacional la Castellana.
Bogotá, Colombia, Teaching Programs at Teatro Jorge Eliecer Gaitan.
Roma, Italy, Teatro del Dell’ Angelo.
New York, La MaMa ETC.
Bogotá, Colombia, Teatro Parque Nacional.
Bogotá, Colombia, XVIII Theater Festival Manizales.
Bogotá, Colombia, Fifty Eighth Anniversary of la Media Torta.


The New York Times by Jack Anderson, New York.
Corriere Della Sera by Pietro Favari, Rome, Italy.
Spettacoli a Roma by Cristina Armeni, Rome, Italy.
I’Unita Marco Caporal, Rome, Italy.
El Tiempo by Luis Luque Luca, Bogotá, Colombia.
El Tiempo by Kelly Velasquez, Bogotá, Colombia/Rome, Italy.
Cromos Gustavo Alvarez Gardeazabal, Bogotá, Colombia.



Choreographed and Directed by Federico Restrepo
Advicer Directed by Luis Alberto Restrepo
Conceived by Federico Restrepo, Ivan Cadozo, Rodrigo Lalinde,
Luis Alberto Restrepo
Music Composed by Arrieta, Sagarminaga, Uribe
Performed by FedericoRestrepo, Ivan Cardozo, Victor Medoza, Mauricio Montoya, Juan Diego Pureta, Jorge Quinones, Maria Paulina De Zubiria
Lights by Rodrigo Lalinde
Costumes by Gabriela Monrroy
Puppet by Federico Restrepo, Ivan Cardozo
Costume Construction by Margarita Castilla, Gabriela Monrroy
Puppet Construction by Federico Restrepo, Ana Maria Buritica , Ivan Cardozo, Victor Mendoza, Jorge Quinones
Rigging Designed by Federico Restrepo
Production Coordination by Federico Restrepo, Wilson Garcia, Luz Jaramillo,
Luz Angela Sierra

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