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New York is broadly seen by a teenager. It begins with a film where the actor goes through  New York dancing and riding a monocycle. He later goes into the tunnels and paints a mural with people of the night in the streets of New York.



New York, Third World Theater Festival, La MaMa ETC.


The Village Voice New York.
The Village Voice New York.


Conceived, Designed, Choreographed and Directed by Federico Restrepo
Music Composed and Performed by Faculty Party, Alan Bezozi, Jefrey Eldredgre, Richard Kirschner, Mickey Ortiz, Stuart Pyle, Isabel Isabela Thompson
Performed by Federico Restrepo, Natalia Correa, Almon Crimsted, Karim Noack, Meg Stuart
Lights by Jill Nagle
Costumes by Olga Salazar
Puppet Designed and Construction by Ercilia Restrepo
Set Construction by Federico Restrepo, Olga Salazar
Rigging Designed by Andrew Delano
Cinematography Directed by Federico Restrepo
Camera by Felipe Paz
Editing by Federico Restrepo, Felipe Paz
Script Consultant Ercilia Restrepo
Actors Federico Restrepo, Mario Aramburo, Camila Fernandez, Maya Martines, Jeime McEwen
Production Coordination by Federico Restrepo, Victoria Tobon, Nick
Publicity Design by Pajaro Uribe
Artistic Design Consultant Eduardo Rodas