A story written in our skin…
Between the copper color of the natives and the white of the Spaniards, between the black of the Africans and the copper of the natives, between the blacks and the whites, between the cinnamon-colored, lies the sum of all the colors that identify us as Colombians. We are of all colors. We are fruit of the mixture of different blood and of the colors of many skins. We are a culture which has been nurtured by many cultures. We are sensitive to the music whose beginnings stem from de Spaniards and the Arabs, the Africans and the natives. We are beings who dance to the beat of many beats. Colores is a theater dance piece which traces our origins, which dances in a whirlwind of colors and spins in time, digging up the history of our skins and dancing in the crossroad of our most intimate desires, wishes, fears and violence. Colores is a kaleidoscope which presents wonder to us through a game of lights and music, of bodies and puppets, of scenery and the dance. It is a divertimento as well as a reflection. It is a brief synopsis of our history and of the story of a special magic, the magic of seduction, of attraction, of bewitching glances, of the love and hate which begets passion and, above all, the desire to be free and to live that which we do not know we are but which identifies us and reveals to us how we are.

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Conceived, Designed, Choreographed and Directed by Federico Restrepo
Music Composed by German Arrieta, Gonzalo Sagarminaga
Performed by Federico Restrepo, Olga Barrios, Natalia Correav Victor Mendozav Karim Noack, Jorge Quinones, Marisol Rozo, Maria Paulina de Zubiria
Text by Alberto Quiroga, Federico Restrepo
Costumes by Gabriela Monroy
Costume Construction by Margarita Castilla, Federico Restrepo, Ivan Cardozo
Puppet Construction by Ana Maria Buritica, Anika Quinones, Hector Velez
Rigging Designed by Federico Restrepo
Assistant Choreography Maria Paulina de Zubiria
Adviser to Director Ivan Cardoso, Luis Alberto Restrepo
Assistant Light Design by Jorge Quinones
Production Coordination by Federico Restrepo, Leonor Estrada, Luz Jaramillo