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In Retrospect

In Retrospect is based on love and its expression between lovers, within families, through devotional practices, and in the arts and mythology of different cultures.
The multi-disciplinary work presents vivid images and stories through spoken word, large marionettes, masks, body-puppets, dance, live music, unique lighting design, and video, within an overarching work that will reflect the full spectrum of feelings of love, from ultimate joy to depth of sorrow and loneliness.

Funding for this project made possible with support from The Jim Henson Foundation, Ellen Stewart, La MaMa, Materials For The Arts and Individual Donors.

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Syracuse, NY – Red House Arts Center

XFEST 2.0 – Experimental Theater Festival
Rome, ITALY – FESTIVAL OF THE WORLDS, International Festival of Theatre
Spoleto, ITALY – Spoleto Fringe Festival/Osteria Rossobastardo
London, GREAT BRITAIN – Wilton’s Music Hall
Zagreb, CROATIA – PIF International Puppet Festival

New York, La MaMa ETC

Press “Restrepo’s Retrospect” by Jack Anderson
infinitebody “You are what you remember ” by Eva Yaa Asantewaa “A Place for Remembering” by Kelly Aliano “In Retrospect” by Martin Denton


Conceived and Created by Federico Restrepo and Denise Greber
Designed, Choreographed and Directed by Federico Restrepo
Music Composed by Elizabeth Swados
Puppet, Set, Video, Light Design and Construction by Federico Restrepo
Costume Design by Denise Greber
Additional Composition, Musical Direction and Musicians:
Sebastian Quiroga and Yukio Tsuji

Federico Restrepo, Sara Galassini and Allison Hiroto
On Video: Denise Greber
Puppeteers: Beatrice Davies and Kiku Sakai
Video Consultation: Angela “Nena” Sierra
Video Camera Operator: Gabriel Ponce De Leon
Additional Puppet Construction: Beatrice Davies
Photo by Gian Marco Lo Forte