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Mobil Urbano

Visual experience in a park where three children use the games as they dance. At night, the games take the form of human beings and follow the movements of the kids. There is color and vitality, graffiti, saxophone, dance and film.



Bogotá, Colombia, Teatro Colsubsidio Roberto Arias Perez.
Bogotá, Colombia, Teatro Colon, Sofasa Arte y Cultura.


El Espectador by Angela Maria Gonzales.
El Espectador by Maria Elvira Talero.


Conceived, Designed, Choreographed and Directed by Federico Restrepo
Music Composed and Performed by Bianco, Gabriel Ossa, Juan Jose Vega
Performed by Federico Restrepo, Natalia Correa, Rosario Jaramillo, Andres Marulanda, Felipe Marulanda , Maurcio Montoya, Elsa Valbunav Demetrio Vallejo
Set Design by Federico Restrepo
Set Construction by Guillermo Fischer, Ilva Lorduy, Alvaro Moreno, Alberto Sierra
Puppet Designed and Construction by Monica Marulanda
Costumes by Alvaro Moreno
Film “Maletas”
Film Directed by Luis Alberto Restrepo
Production Coordinator by Federico Restrepo, Andres Marulanda

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