Piratas de Papel

The story of a pirate lost in time that is rescued by two boys that go with him to rescue his treasure.


Bogotá, Colombia, Expocultura.


Conceived, Designed, Choreographed and Directed by Federico Restrepo
Text by Ivan Cardozo
Music Mixed by Luis Carlos Velez
Performed by Federico Restrepo, Ivan Cardozo, Paula Castano, Maria Teresa Jaime
Puppeteers: Frank Beltran, Ana Maria Buritica, Javier Fonseca, Carlos Esteban Olarte
Costumes by Margarita Castilla
Puppet Design by Federico Restrepo
Costume Construction by Margarita Castilla
Puppet Construction by Federico Restrepo, Ana Maria Buritica, Ivan Cardozo, Margarita Castillo, Javier Fonseca, Alberto Sierra
Rigging Designed by Federico Restrepo
Production Coordination by Federico Restrepo, Luz Jarrmillo, Luz Angela Sierra